<aside> 🪐 Planet Popper is a daily mission based reward program on OnePlanet, the premier NFT launchpad & marketplace on Polygon.


Planet Popper X Sunflower Land 🙌

Event Card.png

A delightful pixel farming game has arrived: SUNFLOWER LAND! 🌻

Sunflower Land, filled with cute pixel art and rich content, is the new special guest on Planet Popper!

Never before has a project offered such diverse and abundant events.

Are you ready to explore the overflowing events and perks prepared for the Sunflower Land community?

Join now through the missions and enjoy the benefits of being a part of Sunflower Land as a Farmer! 🧑‍🌾

One, two... or maybe three events? ⬇️

What is Planet Popper? 🪐

Just simple 3 things -

Fulfill missions,

select start now.gif

Pop Planets,


and Gain $MATIC!

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